Saturday, January 2, 2010

End of Term

Well, it's two days past the end of the year, and I've ended up with a mere 26 songs. Half of the planned 52 songs.

Breaking it down by month, there's a clear decline as the year goes on. The biggest drop is when I take my break from university. This is something of a surprise as I always assumed school was what got "in the way" of my songwriting. It actually turns out to have been beneficial in a few ways. Unexpectedly, the forced weekly schedule worked to my favor. I wrote a number of songs Thursday or Friday morning. (I was even late getting out the door one or two Friday's as I quickly jotted down some notes.) Despite the lack of free time, the huge amount of time spent walking from point A to B let my mind freely wander. I knew going into the project was that I had it in me to write 52 songs if I could just capture those stray wisps of melody.

What I find somewhat reassuring in all this is that the months were my band was the busiest are the same months in which I wrote the least number of songs. So when I wasn't writing, I was still busy with music. Of the 26 songs, 9 have already been performed on stage, 5 have already been recorded and released, and at least 7 of the remaining songs are due to be arranged, practiced, and performed within a few months. Considering that when I started the project I had no real outlet for my songs, I think I'd rather have a band capable of performing the ones I do write than a huge back-catalog.

I haven't decided on a project for 2010. It's clear to me that I need to buckle down and limit myself on which projects I take on. Having this blog out there as a public commitment helped, as it made me more conscious of what I was doing toward my goal. So don't be surprised if another blog pops up: I have a lot of unfinished ideas waiting to be unearthed.