Friday, September 18, 2009

Song 22: Summer Song

This one was long in the making. A fourth verse might come in the future, as the third has no closure to it.

Summer Song

| F | G7 | C7 | F | F | G7 | C7 | F |
| Bbmaj7 | Bbm6 | F | D7 | G7 | C7 | F | Gm7 Gb7 |

It's a blistering, bubbling day
No degree of relief from the shade
As you stagger and sweat to the store
Just to loiter by the freezer door
But you can't stay too long
So you're singing your summer song
And feeling very red and blue today

Frieman Square is our own swimming hole
It's just the way that we roll
Splishing and sploshing along
Until we crave coney dogs
The sun beats down Main Street
A steady pulse of city heat
That robs your motivation and control

Riding bikes til the hour is ten
And off to the Rail once again
Inside is a packed sweating stew
Out back a hipster petting zoo
Feeling that urge to roam
To any old where but home
Or any of the places that you've been

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