Thursday, September 17, 2009

Song 21: My Dear So-And-So

Nothing to say.

My Dear So-And-So

A: | A | A | A | A7 | D | D#dim | A | F#7 | B7 | E7 | A E7 | A E7 |

B: | F#m | C#7 | F#m | F#7 | B7 | B7 | E7 | E7 |
| A | A | A | F#7 | B7 | E7 | A E7 | A E7 |

My dear so-and-so
I thought I saw you yesterday
Pushing about the riverside drinking
Watery lemonade
With her
Oh yes, with her

My dear could've-been
I'm glad it went down your damn way
Sneaking around your old haunts cheatin'
Til I found out that day
It was her
It always was her

But I'll tell you why
I'll tell you why
When I saw that baby carriage
I knew our love just had to die

My dear nobody
You know it was never meant to be
Cause you never would've had that ugly baby with me

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