Sunday, July 5, 2009

Song 18: Bellona

Sci-fi metal time. Maybe I should just start picking Roman/Greek gods as titles and writing songs around them. This is number two after all.


4/4| E5 | C5 | A5 | G5 Bb5 G5 D5 | E5 | C5 | A5 | D5 |

6/8 | Em | Em | Em | D5 |

6/8 | E5 G5 | E5 D5 | E5 Bb5 | G5 |

6/8 | E5 | Bb5 | G5 | G5 F#5 G5 A5 |

From the black rock hills to the red dust plain
We march despite our thirst
Across ten leagues of desert stone
Our fathers navigated first
Toward bastion of green and glass-sealed skies
Where dine the Martian powers.
We will die tonight with good air in our lungs,
Or we’ll take what’s rightly ours.

With iron and steel, the tools of our trade
To cut, and slit, and kill.
Such a pyre we’ll have in their city tonight
A blaze all Earth will feel.

The bride of war we have become
To judge and sentence favored son,
The broken oath’d, and honest man
Laid dead alike in blood red sand.

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