Thursday, July 30, 2009

Demos (At Last)

I did some recording over the last few weeks. Some are these are fleshed out with solos, intros, outros, and midtros. Some are rough and contain just enough to convey the song to the End Times Spasm Band folks so that we can work on the rest together.

Some of the songs have gone through key changes to better facilitate Lyndsy's vocal range. (Making it awkward for me on a few occasions. Not that I'm not already awkward.)

Links are to mp3 versions. Download or stream as you choose.

4. Wake Up Bix
5. When Autumn Blooms
9. Medea
10. Neptune and Pluto
13. I Never Knew
14. That Sophisticated Thing
15. Bertrand Hustle
16. Frustrating Baby
19. Even a Red Hot Mama Gets the Blues

The lyrics to the last verse on "Red Hot Mama" are by Lyndsy Rae Patterson.

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