Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Song 17: The Thessalians

What's that? A song about ancient conflict between paganism and Christianity? With environmental overtones? How original...

...yeah. Not to happy with this one, but it's done.

The Thessalians

Verse: | F#m | F#m | F#m | B E |

Chorus: | C#m | C#m | F#m | F#m | C#m | C#m | A | B E |

Bridge: | G#m | B | C#m | C#m | G#m | B | C#m | C#m |
| G#m | B | C#m | C#m | G#m | B | A | B E |

As I was walking by the shore,
I heard a lark a-grieving.
"My song I won't be singing more.
I may as well be leaving.

The people have a new faith
And new gods of three
Who need not bird, nor mountain,
Nor sweetly flow'ring tree.”

As rock withstands a thousand floods
Across the ragged plain,
The twelve upon the mount know
It's only men that change.

The lark was still as never was
And loosed not cry nor quaver.
The sea itself drew to a pause
And ceased it's churning labor.

All around me silence set,
Except from down the road.
Fishermen hauled giant nets
Of plunder to be sold.

"Sure," said I unto the lark
"You're right to speak with caution.
But stone will live a thousand lives,
A wooden cross goes rotten.”

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