Saturday, April 18, 2009

Song 12: Curvature

Did I intend to write a song referencing both non-Euclidean geometry and the Black Eyed Peas when I woke up this morning?

No, I did not.

Did I do it anyway? Yes, yes I did.


| C | B7 Bb7 | A7 | A7 | D7 | G7 | C | C |
| C | B7 Bb7 | A7 | A7 | D7 | D7 | G7 | G7 |
| E7 | E7 | A7 | A7 | D7 | D7 | G7 | G7 |
| C | E7 | A7 | A7 | D7 | G7 | C | C |

My baby's got some curves
Just the loveliest ones on earth
So sweet, so kind, so round
Yeah, the prettiest girl I've found
Her nickname isn't Black Hole no matter what you've heard
But it's true that when she's walkin' all eyes fall into her
Bending space and time
And always on my mind
My baby's got some lovely curvature

My baby's got some back
Just callin' for a little smack
So smooth, her bubble bump
Yeah, her lovely lady lumps
My baby she's so good to me, I can't believe she's mine
But I'll be her regular daddy for the rest of my time
Filling up the void
In the old heart of this boy
My baby, she's just one of a kind

EDIT 1: Took out the 6's. They weren't sounding too good on second listen


  1. I ~CANNOT~ believe you resorted to "lovely lady lumps"... That's the absolute most grotesque way I've ever heard to say tits... including jubblies.

  2. Not only resorted, I did it on purpose too,

    It may be changed in the future. It just feels cheap.