Sunday, April 12, 2009

Song 11: Bluebeard

This one is in progress. Wrote it on the walk to campus just now. I'll work out the chords when I get back home. If you didn't know, that's how I tend to work. I hear a song in my head, and when I realize it's not someone else's, I write it down as if I was learning it. Usually the lyrics take some conscious effort, but that's the gist of where the work happens.

I haven't written a good creepy song in a while. This is based on a psychoanalytic look at an old fairy tale. I'd meant to use the characters for a fantasy comic years ago, so it's been knocking around my brain ever since.

(And yes, I will rhyme scared/scurred/skerred with beard if I want to. What are you going to do about it?)


A: | Cm | Fm | G7 | Cm |

B: | Fm | Cm | Fm | Cm | Fm | Cm | Ab7 | G7 |

Put down that ouiji board when I'm talking to you
From the part of your brain you're afraid to use
It's alright to cower, natural to feel scurred
I'm the voice of your id and they call me Bluebeard

You can try to lock up me with that little pill
But I'll whisper in the full moon when it's time to kill
It's alright to listen to me once in a while
Who can blame you if you shiver when I start to howl

Treading cautiously
When you find the key
Sneak down the stair
Unlock the door to my lair
Learn of horrors you will never unsee

If you tell your analyst of the things I design
You will end up in a jacket for the rest of your time
It's alright to bury me deep down inside
I like to dwell in darkness where my plans I can hide

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