Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Song 6: Gut Rot

Bit of cheating here, but I need to get caught up. The first verse was sketched out a few months ago. Some fleshing out of that and the rest were done today.

Based on true stories.

Gut Rot

| Em | B7 | B7 | Em | Em | B7 | B7 | Em |
| Am | G | B7 | Em | Am | G | Am B7 | Em | Am B7 | Em |

| Am | Em | B7 | Em |

Blood, blood splatter on the floor
Stares at me cold and guilty.
I had too much cheap ass wine
And now the box is empty.
All of my worst friends are sleeping,
And all my best friends have been drunk.
Toward the WC I am creeping,
Hoping that I make it before I blow chunks.
Christ I wish that I was still drunk.

I'll regret for most the day,
To only crave more in the evening
When I down a gallon of that swill.
The next morning will find me a-heaving
All of my change I'll be scraping
For the cheapest they have in the store.
The contents I'll hardly be tasting
Until I am reaching for the bathroom door.
Christ I wish that I had some more.

Come drink of my wine.
The pleasure is yours not mine
At least 'till the morning light
When we're feeling not so right.

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