Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Song 5: When Autumn Blooms

A simple love song for the universe. I couldn't decide if I was contradicting D. H. Lawrence, paying tribute to Wallace Stevens, or ripping off Ezra Pound. Or none of the above successfully. I'll let you decide.

When Autumn Blooms

| Gm | D7 | Bb | C7 | F7 | F7 | Bb6 | D7 |
| Gm | D7 | Bb | C7 | F7 | F7 | Bb | Bb |
| D7 | D7 | Gm | G7 | C7 | C7 | F7 | F+ |
| Bb6 | D7 | G | G7 | C7 | F7 | Bb6 | D7 |

When autumn blooms
Fragile light hangs in midair,
And crisp, sweet smells beckon you
For an afternoon long and rare.
Bathed in red and gold,
Our breath lays bare our desire.
Hands warm hands, socks warm feet,
While the pale sky retires.
How dear to spend the green night
Looking out and above.
How strange to feel unguarded
As the stars stare back at us.
Only sallow leaves
Against a black wet ground
Caught in draft and gentle gyre
As the world spins round.

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