Friday, February 6, 2009

Potential legitimate delays

So I was on my way to play with some Zombie Nationalists I know, when I slipped on an icy patch outside my apartment building. Normally, I would just weeble and wooble and possibly fall down with no injuries sustained except to my pride, but this time I was carrying an accordion in one hand, a glockenspiel in another, and had a guitar strapped to my back.

The guitar sustained a crack to the top on the opposite side of where it lost one of its two parallel bracings. I fear it's days have gone from numbered to ended.

The guitar was a Frankenstein'd 1948 Harmony 954. The previous owner had made some adjustments to the neck, including adding an old Les Paul's fretboard to it. The top, back, and sides were already settling in bad ways, so I knew sooner or later I would have to buy a new one. Unfortunately this happened at the same time as a tire going flat. So I may be deciding between a tire, rent, or a guitar by the end of the month.

Though I write my songs in my head, the guitar is usually my instrument of choice for translating that into real notes. I still have an electric with me, but if I'm put off from playing music for a day or two, you can understand me I hope.


  1. Understandable, an' apologies to hear, boy-o.

    Also, I don't know if it's just me, or not, but I occasionally get the feeling that you and I are probably the only people reading the others effort.

    Post-also: Give me what's left of that guitar.

  2. That is a distinct possibility. On both fronts.