Friday, January 30, 2009

Song 4: Wake Up, Bix

Another obvious song title that I may have stolen first. For some reason, today was an anti-suicide song sort of day. Or it's maybe more anti-stubbornness.

I tried a dozen different B sections and none worked, so it's just a simple straightforward tune. Well, simple aside from the backwards rhyme scheme. I ended up adding more rhyming couplets because there was a lack of finality with the short line lengths and the ABACDC scheme I started with.

Wake Up Bix

| D | Dmaj9 | D9 | G6 | G7 | D B7 | E7 | A7 |
| D | Dmaj9 | D9 | G6 | G7 | D B7 | E7 A7 | D |

Wake up, Bix
If you don't
Want to miss another minute of this
Open up your eyes
Shake away that sleep
And pull yourself in from the deep
Second fiddle's
Not such a drag
You know most of us live in the middle
Confess your fear
To the open sea
And realize it ain't better to leave

Some will settle
Some will bend
Some will let the very road take the pedal
But not you
You're head is strong
Even though you might be wrong
But one hair
Can always break
The back of the mule unprepared
So please let
A friend take some weight
After all you might find they relate

Wake up, Bix
So you won't
Ever miss another minute of this
Don't be afraid
Don't be scared
Don't worry 'bout how you compare
You can't always
Be the best
But you still have to live one more day
Keep your feet dry
And when you're okay
You'll realize that you want to stay

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