Thursday, January 29, 2009

Song 3: North Country Boogie

Apropos of the snow outside my window, a little western swing tune. I was actually surprised to find no hits for the title. It was so obvious I was sure somebody else must have used it.

"The Rail" is a bar in Fort Wayne. I have played there many times in the past and will play there again the first two Sundays in March.

Powers is a White Castle-like hamburger shop.

North Country Boogie

| G | G | G | D7 G |
| G | G | G | D7 G |
| C | C | G | G | D | D | D7 | D7 |

Headed up north to the land of the snow
Where the cornfields shiver when the cold winds blow
When all your best dudes are out of jail
A pocket of change 'll get you by at The Rail

Zip up your favorite hoodie (your black patched hoodie)
For the north country boogie (north country boogie)
Buy enough beer for a couple of hours
But save a little cash for some burgers at Powers

Been snowed in for a couple of weeks
Electric goes out again, we'll probably freeze
A space heater might keep away the ice
But a space bag will get you feelin' mighty nice

Walked into a bar and threw myself down
Waited for the barman to come on 'round
Said “Give me a whiskey but I don't need no rocks,
Got plenty of ice right here in my socks.”

Common drinking people got plenty of cares
From paying the rent to losing their hairs
When it comes down to the bottom line
If you still got a PBR then you're doing fine

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