Monday, January 5, 2009

Song 1: Before You Go

Here it is, song number one! I was in transit yesterday, so no chords or mp3 just yet. I'll get those posted once I sit down and figure them out. (They're only in my head as a sort of "mind's ear" Nashville notation at the moment.) Edit: Chords are up!

The original goal was to write something like one of those harmonically wandering jazz standards. The final song didn't quite live up to that. I've written an unusually high number of break-up songs recently, Hopefully this is the last and I can get back on track writing about semiotics and ufology. It's much easier to avoid clich├ęs that way.

Over the last week, my CD player mostly spun a compilation of Cab Calloway's big band from the 30s. In my head, I could hear a Walter Thomas arrangement complete with sweet saxophone harmonies and piercing brass stabs. Unfortunately, I have none of those at my disposal.

Before You Go

| G6 Em7 | Eb7 Am7 D7 |
| G6 Em7 | Eb7 Am7 D7 |
| G G7 | C C#dim7 | A7 | D7 |

| G | G | G7 | G7 |
| C | C | C7 | C7 |
| G | F#dim7 | C | C#dim7 |
| G | D7 | G | G |

Suitcase by the door and your toothbrush in your hand,
No final repartee, no litany of last demands,
No ambiguity in the message you send.
Yes, I really think this might be the end.

Before you go, let me tell you what I'll be doing
While you're away: I''ll be out celebrating.
I might go for a walk or go for a drink,
Have a whiskey or two and sleep in the clink
All night. Just so you know.

I hope that what I'm singing doesn't sound too bitter
I only want to tell you that I'm not the quitter
So close the evil eye and call off the attack,
'Cause nothing's gonna hold me back.

Before you go, let me tell you what you'll be missing
While you and your lame friends are commiserating.
There'll be no more foot rubs when you're feeling distraught.
No one will be there to mmhmm at your thoughts
All night. Just so you know.

No taste-tester for your awful recipes.
There'll be no one to cuddle while you're watching TV
All night after you go.

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